The Webstock Collection

Posted on March 3, 2013


webstockHere’s my Elucidate wrap of Webstock 2013 highlights and observations. I’ve pulled together Twitter and Google searches to represent some of what the speakers and attendees were doing and saying.

Highlights for me were these people:

They talked of:

  1. empowerment and revolution  (ourselves and the people/citizens), living in others’ shoes and spaces, looking at the world in new and old ways, having and using energy, positivity, fun, commitment, emotions in what we do, passion, anger
  2. being pragmatic – do start-up entrepreneurs really change the world? (with thanks to @kb for crystallising that). But not being managerial.
  3. doing ordinary hard work every day
  4. using, and being in the social online space, but not being ruled by it

Three weeks after The Event I also offer a taste of others’ wisdom and captured memories from the 2 days & following.







Thanks Mike, Deb, Tash and Ben – it was a special pleasure.

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