So, what have you been doing for the last 3 months?

Posted on July 14, 2012


Amazing how the time has flashed by since my last day at the Department of Internal Affairs.

A combination of de-pressurising from one thing, and plunging into another has meant there are a few lost weeks!

There have been plenty of opportunities for learning already, along the way. And I’m having a ball, getting to know new people in a new world, as I build my Elucidate Ltd information management consultancy business.

Opportunities such as:

  • Speaking as part of the social media panel at RISE2012 Dunedin – a great one day conference for business women.
  • Attending an Information Law for Local Government seminar, presented by John Edwards, Barrister.
  • Becoming a Managing Successful Programmes Registered Practitioner, thanks to Project Results Ltd and Geoff Rankins

and wonderful interesting people, some of whom are:

Chanel O’Brien – DCC Economic Development Unit; Andrew Long – Know Social MediaAli Copeman – akB Conference Management Ltd; Paul Sutton – Project Results

I’m also actually doing some work! Great challenging stuff with Crown Law Office, as they develop a Government Lawyers Network.  And Project Results Ltd (Paul Sutton) is providing different opportunities to develop social marketing strategies, as well as doing coaching on doing social marketing effectively.

Did I mention Twitter? Truly, it’s a brilliant medium for me. I have met so many “new” chums that way, as well as it providing a fantastic range of resources and news to keep me right up to date.

It’s also lovely working from home, which means I get to spend more time with Paul and Tim, and darling pusscat Verity Verity the cat (there has to be a cat picture, doesn’t there?). I can also observe the seasons and the birds from my study window, and the neighbourhood cats, criss-crossing the garden.

Plenty more to talk about – next episode to follow. But please enjoy the new Elucidate Ltd website –, and feel free to offer suggestions and criticism.

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